Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm Black and want to spike my hair..?

I'm an African American, with normal african american male hair (nappy) I was wondering if there is anyway I could straighten my hair, so I could spike it, gel it, and so it can get "wet" when I take a shower or get in a pool. Before anyone goes rantling off about how I should be proud of my hair, trust me I am, i've had every hairstyle done to my hair possible for an AA male, cornrows, short, afro, braids, curled it, waves. But I want to try something really diffrent, something extreme. Also, how much could this cost, and if I wanted to straighten my hair like a white males hair, would it have to be a daily routine, or could I go to sleep with it, and wake up with it the next morning even if it got dry. So please no innapropriate answers. I appriciate all of your guys taking time out to help me.

Thank you

10 pts to the best answer, and the one that actually is detalive, answers all of my questions and actually works when I try it!

I'm Black and want to spike my hair..?

get a perm. on ethnic hair it is also called a relaxer. get it cut to the style you like and use product to spike it everyday.

lots of brands carry things that will work.


spiker hairspray by ice

wound up by head games

paul mitchell has a hair glue that works well

make sure you follow directions. the wound up needs to be warmed up in rubbing hands (you'll be able to see the fibers when hands are pulled apart. that's what will keep your hair up in the air) . the spiker hairspray will keep it straight up in the air thru a hurricaine.

it can all be shampooed out except for the relaxer.

OH! make sure to not exercise or brush your hair before the relaxer or your head will BURN.

get your sister or your aunt to do your relaxer. chances are they already have a tub of it handy. (super cheap to free - i like that price)

the cost of the products will run you around $10 - $20 each. you'll need to get something to spike it and some hairspray.

for something super cool bleach the ends of your hair and color them.

I'm Black and want to spike my hair..?

Yeh I have seen tons of blacks with spikey hair


I'm Black and want to spike my hair..?

that is so gay

I'm Black and want to spike my hair..?

That's awsome. There is a local rapper in my city named Tech9 that has bright red spiky hair usually and it's kick ***.

Don't know exactly how to help you though...sorry.

I'm Black and want to spike my hair..?

i know its possible .dont know how nuch itll cost

I'm Black and want to spike my hair..?

You can go and have it professionally straightened, and when you spike it use hair wax. It makes it lard as a rock and it doesn't move!

I'm Black and want to spike my hair..?

Hi I think the best thing you could do is go to a salon and ask that question because you don't want to experiment on your hair like that try what we say no one on here is going to know how to answer this only a expert

I'm Black and want to spike my hair..?

Have you tried using a hot comb, making it straight, then using Biosilk, or Silk Shine to add some flexible hold? Biosilk is great for hair and skin. Silk Shine may add more of the hold because biosilk stays flexible.

It would definantly be close to a daily routine, as is any hairstyle.

Wet wrecks anyone's hairstyle, I don't care who ya are. But with the biosilk stuff, it just might be possible to maintain it a little easier.

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