Friday, June 18, 2010

How do I fix my curly, frizzy coarse hair?

I am in dying need of a real solution. I'm sure you've seen it before--this type of hair is just plain nappy. Ethnic hair? Almost. Damaged? I don't think so. When I do get it straightened by relaxers, it actually feels very healthy. If I turn upside down, my hair doesnt even move. I guess what I need to know is how do I straighten and keep my hair from having frizz and have hair that's stylable so I can grow it out to 4-5 inches. I'm one of those poor guys that need desperate help. I want to look like a movie star!

Any, ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Need to know what to buy. Thanks!

How do I fix my curly, frizzy coarse hair?

Run a dryer sheet through it.

How do I fix my curly, frizzy coarse hair?

First you need to learn to appreciate the hair God gave you. Hair is just a thing. Good, bad or nappy hair does not exist as long as its HEALTHY.

That said, i personally advise that you find ways to wear your hair naturally curly. If you decide to stop damaging your hair with chemicals, try products by Matrix called Curl.Life. The shampoo and conditioner are great for bringing out natural curls, even coarse ones. Afrter you condition, do not comb out your curls, just let them air dry. Another option is just running some styling gel through your hair after washing. Let it air dry and it will bond to your hair and tighten the curls. My hair is coarse and curly, and I find products by Miss Jessies to manage my hair nicely. My last suggestion would be to go to a African American barber shop (regardless of your ethnicity, they will understand your hair type), and try a "fade" or closely cropped hair cut, which i personally think looks good on guys with your hair type. Think Justin Timberlake. Good luck.

How do I fix my curly, frizzy coarse hair?

My first suggestion would be to learn to love your curls. The chemical straightening process is highly damaging and will only strip the cuticle of its natural moisture and nutrients. If you must have it straight, the Japanese straightening treatments are the strongest and longest lasting available but they will run you $500 and up depending on where you live.

I have very curly, frizzy hair and I have adopted the following rules:

1. Do not shampoo your hair everyday. Wash %26amp; condition every one to two days at most, and use a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

2. Do not comb or brush your hair when dry/curly. Wide tooth combs are best. Comb out the knots either in the shower during the conditioning process, or after washing when your hair is at its wettest. Use a detangling spray/leave-in conditioning spray to keep hair slippery.

3. Use a light gel and/or conditioning styling creme and comb through before drying.

4. Air dry is best but if you must use a hair dryer, a difusser attachment will get curls curliest. Hold your head upside down and scrunch up *gently* with the diffuser head. Minimal movement/disturbance of hair will keep curls together and smooth.

5. When straightening, use a high watt hair dryer and a large, round, natural bristle brush. Boar's hair brushes work great and help distribute oils throughout the cuticle. Begin drying in large sections from back to front, bottom to top, when is hair gelled %26amp; conditioned and is very damp (but not dripping). This will help keep hair smooth. After drying, you can go over the hair in sections with a flat iron, then apply a few drops of silicone serum

to smooth down flyaways/frizzies.

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